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Didn’t you have enough of horror in the pizzeria? Then prepare for another five nights of terror! The animatronics never stop frightening the watchmen that appear in the pizzeria of Freddy. Again, you will meet them and try to survive during the five darkest nights in your life. This game is a continuation of well-known series that gradually reveal the plot behind the events and you will be even more frightened to know the reason why these animatronic animals keep on being monsters. Are you ready for something really thrilling? Then get in, this is the eight part of the famous franchise and you will get chills down your spine from the first minutes of the gameplay!
The developers keep all the best features that you like in the game unchanged. For instance, you will have to save your life again, trying to lock the right entrances in the room, just like you did before. Only now the creatures that attack you become smarter and faster. They are trickier than they ever were and you will find it pretty challenging to predict their next moves. However, we have good news – now you have some additional objects and features to keep them distracted and you will have to learn how to use them correctly to increase your chances and stay alive during the five horrible nights. You will find out that the monsters have habits and preferences that can be used as the weapons against them. Some like watching TV, while the others are fond of music. Make them distracted by turning the TV on, letting them play games, and listen to the musical box. This way, you will have more chances to keep the away and close the right doors when the other monsters are approaching. Have a strategy and your chances to survive will surely become more significant.

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