Five Nights at Freddy 3

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4 stars

Once upon a time, thirty years before, the place called Freedy’s Pizzeria was incredibly popular among the citizens. However, after a tragedy happened there, it was closed. The place turned to be very dangerous – the local animatronics were monsters that turned into maniacs when the sun went down. So many years have passed and everyone forgotten about the horrible events. However, not they are coming back and you will witness them on your own skin. Are you ready to meet the robots that are trying to enter your room and kill you? These demonic creatures never sleep and you are a new victim, so watch out!
When the rumors about the pizzeria’s horrors turned into city legends that were popular among small children and noisy grandmothers, the owners of the franchise decided to open another pizzeria. The revival of the well-known place would be a great PR move that could bring a great income! One they enter the building, they see that nothing is left from the previous place – the wasteland is here and only the trash is lying all around. They found the empty costumes and some details separated from them and lying on the floor. But at some point they made a real discovery – the new animatronic appeared! This was their chance to bring everything back.
You will play for a watchman again, sitting in your room and trying to survive another night shift. You cannot leave this place for five nights, but you will really want to do that. The robotic animals will come back and continue doing their nasty stuff – trying to scare you to death. After thirty years of silence and loneliness, these monsters seem to be even more thirsty for human blood and fear, so be ready for a serious and massive attack. Now they won’t enter the room alone but in groups and you will need to find a way to keep yourself safe. That’s not an easy task! Keep your eyes on the monitors – they are your last hope. You will have a chance to understand where are the monsters right now and which entrances need your special attention. Close them until it is too late and get ready that the level of complexity will continue growing all the time, so you will have to invent new ways to avoid meeting the animatronics face to face. Are you ready for the creepiest nights you could imagine?

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