Five Nights at Freddy 4

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4.3 stars

Will you survive till the morning? Everything depends on you only. The forth chapter of FNaF is here and you are going to adore this game if you did like the previous chapters. You might already know what is waiting for you here. The animatronics are trying to get you, but meeting them is not very pleasant – they will surely scare you to death after entering the room. That is why, your main task is to keep them away from you at all costs. The meeting with horrible monsters brings death and if you want to survive, then you have to spend five nights trying to keep them away from you if you can. That’s not easy, so get ready for a challenging task. Your life depends on it!
Unlike the previous parts that featured a watchman as the main character, this one is about a small boy. He is all alone, in a dark room, late at night. Like any other child, he has toys. One of the children’s dreams is to see their toys coming to life. However, they expect that fluffy bears and rabbits will turn to be killing and blood thirsty monsters! So the boy’s toys come to life and… attack him from all sides! You need to do something and help him survive till the morning. From the very beginning of the game, you will find yourself in small room that has three doors. Opening them is easy – just do a swipe and the door will open. Each of them can be closed, but for a limited period of time. To keep the door closed, you need to stand near it and keep your finger on the particular button. When you walk away, the door opens. You have a small light beam, but it is not enough to track the monsters walking around. Comparing to the cameras and monitors you have had in the previous parts, the light beam is nothing. That is why, you will have to orient yourself in another way and search for other signs that reveal the animatronics’ moves. Walk carefully and lighten your way with a beam.
If you believe that a monster is going to enter the room using a particular door, make sure to close it as fast as you can. Then you will avoid him entering your room and killing you. The problem is that you won’t hear them approaching beforehand – the animatronics will become noticeable only when they approach pretty close to the door, so you will have a lack of time to close it. Be attentive and try to rush there as fast as you can. If you see that the electricity is not okay and the light in your room is disappearing, this must be a sign of a monster coming here. Watch your bed – new toys might appear there and you won’t be very glad to see them.

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