Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

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3.6 stars

Have you ever dreamt of having a pizzeria? What about a very thematic and even a bit spooky one? This is a simulator where you will become an owner of Freddy’s pizza house! Take your chance and enjoy being a real entrepreneur. This game is not very similar to other chapters of the franchise. You are not going to get frightened to death. The task differs a lot – now you are an owner, so your task is to bring the pizzeria to order, invite visitors, and ensure that they are having a great time in your restaurant.
You will start with arranging your pizzeria and making it nice and comfortable for your customers. Hire professionals and create a team to cook amazing pizza and track the business processes inside of the pizzeria. Then you will invent some new recipes and invite people to check your pizzeria out! If you will do everything in the best way, they will surely come back to your place and you will gain more income! Using these money, you will be able to make more pizza, buy new equipment, and decorations for your beautiful place. Enjoy the brand new way of playing with animatronics and feel yourself like a real business man! The game is open for your ideas, so start now and get creative! And here comes the best part – the game is full of cool features and you are welcome to test them all for free. We have prepared an unlocked and free version of the game for you. Not only you can play it on your computer being at home. Also, you can launch the entertaining game on your mobile phone or tablet! Let the fun flow! Meet the animatronics and make friends with them!

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