FNAF Five Nights at Fredbears

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4.5 stars

The latest remake of famous FNaF is waiting for you to check it out! As always, FNaF games are backed with mysterious and strange stories and this one is not an exclusion. You are invited to the nice dinner, but this is a trap! The beautiful table is appealing, but the animatronics will surely spoil your enjoyment. Golden Freddy and Bonnie are here to meet you. The nights spent at this place will end with no good if you won’t find the way to stand against this couple of powerful and tricky animatronics. They are the most advanced of all, so the task is not that easy. You take the nightshift and everything goes fine till a particular moment. Some issue happens and the creatures turn into monsters that are chasing you and trying to scare you to death. Defend yourself and try to survive until the sun raises. Everything is in your hands, so good luck! The game is a point-to-click horror where you need to solve puzzles in order to avoid meeting the monstrous creatures face to face.

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