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The cool and highly-customizable FNaF part is waiting for you this time! Unlike other chapters of the series, this one is pretty special – not only you will play the ready-made world, but you have a chance to create your own and inhabit with animatronics of all kinds! You will have a chance to compose them with your hands, choosing the parts of their bodies, colors, and special skills they have. Still, you will find yourself in the office again and get ready to fight the monsters and save your life if you can!
The best thing about this part is that it gathers all the characters from the previous parts and allows you to play with them anyway you want. Due to the great amount of characters, the customization options are nearly endless and you will have a chance to test them all. More than 50 different characters are waiting for you and you can combine and mix them anyhow to create new creatures. Choose any animatronic, adjust the setting, like intellect and appearance, and get to the action! While in the office, you will have to track two side doors, ventilation, and tubes – the monsters will use them as entrances, so get ready for surprises.
If you want to pass all the levels successfully, you will have to learn how to deal with new instruments. Previously, you have had a collection of them and now you will try new ones. There is a music box that will distract some of the monsters that like listening to the lullabies. Also, you can use electricity and warmers to deal with other species of monsters. Try to figure out which tools work best with particular creatures. You can create traps and catch the animatronics before they enter your room. Gladly, now you have some weapons to save yourself, so use them wisely and try not to die!

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