Five Nights at Freddy 2

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4.3 stars

This is the second part of a well-known horror title that has fans all over the globe. You are welcome to try it out right now and continue your creepy adventures in the world of animatronics. That’s right, the crazy animals are back again and they are going to terrorize you during five more nights, so you have to grab all of your attention and skills to stand against them. Are you ready to meet Freddy and his friends – Foxy, Chicken, and other “cute” creatures? Then jump in and enjoy! We bet that you will be frightened to the gray hair once one of them enters your room! These nights won’t be calm in any way.
So what is waiting for you in this second chapter of FNaF? If you like the concept and gameplay of the first part, you will be glad to know that they stay pretty much the same. You are going to stay in the room of a watchman in the pizza restaurant late at night. Now you work here and this is your duty to track the order all over the building. However, it seems like the building is fine, but you are in the real trouble. You didn’t know that the animatronics are mad and turn into monsters when the dark falls. Now you will meet them closer and find out that in the reality they are pretty evil and violent creatures that prefer spending their night hours frightening people all around.
The only new feature that you will find in this game is an additional plot twist. There is a previous watchman who moved to the day shift. You meet him and see that he is really frightened. This looks suspicious, but your need a job really badly, so you agree to start a working night. What is waiting for you here? Well, horrors, nightmares, and a risk to be frightened to death. Track the animatronics and the way they move around the house, so you will be able to predict their movement and lock the entrances they are about to use and enter your room. Once they sneak into the room, you will have no chances – they will jump out all of sudden and scare you really hard. Don’t let them do that – you have a limited number of tries and there are five nights of horror ahead. Be careful and try to stay alive during this spooky period. Five nights are not too much, only if you are in a safe place. But Freddy’s pizzeria has never been one, so good luck and try not to die if you can!

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