Five Nights at Freddy

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4.7 stars

Sometimes, you get into really big troubles without suspecting that your routine decisions will lead to something that catastrophic. The main character of this game never suspected anything like this, but a real horror story happened to him one day. He was looking for a job, a poor and useless man. Without having any skills and knowledge, he decided to go to the pizzeria and ask for a watchman’s chair. The pizzeria owner, a bear called Freddy, was really glad to accept him. However, our hero couldn’t predict that something really blood chilling is waiting for him at this place. Nobody could, because this is a real hell on the earth!
He never thought that something that strange is waiting for him. Once the night came and he appeared in his watchman’s room, he looked at the monitors that fixed everything that happened in corridors and rooms. However, at some moment, he noticed that animatronics, the robot-animals that entertain people at the day time, started moving around. That was strange! However, that was nothing comparing to things that happened later. He noticed that all the animals are heading to his room and… they are trying to enter! Their eyes are burning with red fire, which doesn’t promise any good. This means that they are possessed by demons and are about to jumpscare him to death. That’s a real disaster! Do your best to keep the watchmen safe during the five nights he is going to spend at the pizzeria. Hope, you won’t die!
The game has a format of point-to-click and encourages you to pick the best survival strategy. The time is limited and you need to spend five nights in the room without letting the demons to enter it. The problem is that their number will grow and you will have to close the entrances one by one, choosing only the riskiest ones and changing them. You cannot keep all of them locked simultaneously, so try not to make mistakes and keep them closed to avoid collision with the enemies! Once they enter the room, you will be scared all of a sudden.

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