FNAF 6 Pizzeria Simulator

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Combine use and pleasure – enjoy a cool pizzeria simulator based on the FNaF series. Here you will not only meet your old friends – Freddy and his animatronics – but also open your own pizzeria and even learn the interesting facts about business. In this title, you have a chance to create your own pizzeria under the flag of Freddy! Are you ready to test your luck and risk? Well, here you go then. We are assured that you will manage to open the best pizzeria in this town! You will open even more of them if your income will be large enough. Create an entire net of pizzerias, attract new customers, develop unique and interesting recipes, and earn millions of dollars having fun! If this is something you have been dreaming of, then hurry up and get into the game – the real adventure starts now.
In the game, you will have different tools to open and lead your business. Start you work with hiring people – helpers, cooks, managers, administrators, etc. Then arrange the environment, buy the best equipment, and don’t forget to prepare attractions for your visitors. Gladden your customers and they will come back for more, so you will gain income and improve your pizzeria until it grows into a real pizza-kingdom. Develop your café and see it growing every day! The game has cool graphics, well-though gameplay, numerous opportunities, and real simulation of a business, so you will definitely have fun and learn something new from this entertainment. Great and convenient interface will make your playing process smooth and simple, so you will grasp the idea right away and the dollars will start flowing at your pocket very soon! Have fun and open your FNaF business today! Your glad customers will come back again and again, hoping to spend amazing time at your pizzeria, so don’t disappoint them! Cute animatronics will help you entertain the visitors and make the atmosphere in your café really rewarding and warm.

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