Five Nights at Freddy’s in Minecraft

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3.9 stars

Ready for a truly crazy mixture of Minecraft and the best horror of all times – FNaF? Here you go! A perfect crossover that will surely make you both frightened (a bit) and entertained. Your most favorite characters – animatronics from Freddy’s pizzeria – find themselves in another universe. This is a pretty nice and blocky place where everything can happen! They don’t look like before and become cubes themselves. Everything that appears in the world of Minecraft becomes blocky, even the robotic animals. They are scary enough, though, and you will have to stand against them in this new image. Don’t worry – they won’t get you if you will be attentive enough and keep yourself away from them! But can you do that? The sneaky animals are fast!
So, the game sticks to the survival horror genre, just like you know it from the previous parts. This is variation where all the characters just look the other way. You will find yourself in the pizza house at night, once again, and the task will be the same – try to avoid colliding with horrible animatronics! They are trying to enter the room using all possible entrances, including the doors, windows, tubes on the celling, and more! You don’t have resources to hide from them and sit until the morning – there is no way you can close all the holes that lead to your room. However, there are good news – you can track the animals’ movement around the building as well as lock the entrances one by one. There is an opportunity to close just a couple of them at the same time, so choose wisely considering the trajectories of the animals. Keep your eyes on their movements and try to predict which entrances are going to be occupied faster than the others. Have fun and enjoy the cool mixture of Minecraft and creepy FNaF! Meet your favorite characters in a way you have never seen them before!

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