CASE: Animatronics

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4.2 stars

The events of this FNaF-inspired title take place in the police office. You are one of the members of the police crew and your job is to defend people from criminals. But who will defend you when the monsters are coming from all sides? One find day, you have been working till the late night without an idea that overload at the workplace can literally bring you to a grave. You will play for an officer called John. Sitting at the room, you suddenly fall asleep because of being extremely tired. You saw a nightmare and then you woke up after your old friend called you. After receiving this call, you became a witness of truly horrible events.
The electricity broke down and the lights turned off in the entire territory of the police office. The security system is now entirely broken. You cannot leave this place because all the entrances and exits are blocked. However, this is not a big deal! The real horrors are still waiting for you. It turns out that you are not alone in the building. Someone is here and they are chasing you. You can hear the steps here and there… and realize that your enemies are mechanical enemies made of steal. They are here to kill and you need to save your life! You need to find out what the hell is happening in the office and who did this to you. Fighting animatronics is almost impossible, so you will have to hide here and there, trying to cover yourself from their bloody eyes. Never stand at one spot for too long – the monsters will get you this way! Everything depends on you! During the game, you will also have to solve the puzzles to understand the reasons of this madness.

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