Minecraft Animatronics

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Do you like crossovers? Well, we know the game that is perfect when mixed with anything and this is Minecraft. Have you ever thought of it as a horror? What about a particular horror, namely FNaF? Well, here you go then! We have a perfect mixture of animatronics and Minecraft aesthetics – cool and blocky. The environment you will find yourself in is created in the style of Minecraft while the creatures you know from the game about Freddy and his pizzeria look pretty different. They turn into pixel animatronics, which doesn’t make them any different – they are still horrible, aggressive, and willing to scare you to death! Are you ready to oppose them for five horrible nights? Hopefully, you are! The game is free for all visitors of our website, so enjoy it any time you want! Launch it online and have fun with Freddy and his adorable friends!

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