Five Nights at Freddy 5

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3.2 stars

Five more horrible nights are waiting for you in the fifth part of point-to-click horror game about Freddy and his animatronics. Here you go! This one is a spin off and you will notice serious changes in the gameplay, which are the good news – something really fresh and exciting is waiting for you! The game seems more like an interactive movie. Here you need to complete different tasks that are assigned to you in the beginning of the level. However, as you have already guessed, the animatronics will interfere and make your tasks really hard to accomplish. They will appear right away and make you frightened to death. Will you keep them away from you successfully? Let’s see! When the game starts, you see a video where some guy called Afton gives an interview. You find out that he is a creator of the animatronics and he has built the place where the events of the game take place. He tells the story of his new creation – an animatronics called Circus Baby. The guy reveals special skills of the robot that include blowing the balloons and making ice-cream. Very soon you will find out that Baby can also kill! As always, you are going to play for a watchman who gets a job in Freddy’s pizzeria. The events take place in 80s. Every night, he will meet new monsters and his task it to keep them away from the room and stay alive for five nights. Only when this period passes, he will have a chance to leave. If he will stay alive of course, which is impossible after you meet one of these “cuties”. Help the watchman to stay alive and guide him through these five nightmarish nights!

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