Five Nights at Freddy 2020

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4.8 stars

The newest part of FNaF is so long-awaited! There is a reason for that. We expect that this chapter will finally answer all of the questions you have had during the entire series! We bet that like any other player you have suspected that the animatronics have reasons to torture the characters that become their victims. Of course, they are not just absurd punishers, but someone else. Who are they? Why do they chase the watchmen in the pizzeria? What are the secrets of their past? Finally, you will find out everything in this cool bran new part of the game.
Since the very first part of the story, you played for different people who became the watchmen in the pizzeria of Freddy. Each time, their shifts ended with crazy events. Once the sun went down, the animatronics tried to enter the room and kill the watchmen. They were talking and you might have guessed that these toys are not empty – they are possessed by the soul of little kids that were killed time ago. All the watchmen are in hell for their sins and the animatronics are here to bring the justice. The terror continues and the animals won’t leave them alone until they realize their deeds. You will play for the watchman once again and the game will finally tell you a full story of the creepy group of robots and their victims. Get ready for a really exciting and creepy game! Enter the game now and spend five horrible nights in the room all alone, trying to defend yourself from the horrible robots that sneak inside and jumpscare you to death.

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