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When you are looking for a survival horror title that would really make your blood chilled, you should pick Five Nights at Freddy’s. These are extremely popular and super-creepy series of games that tell a story about a watchman locked inside of the room late at night. The place you are occupying is a pizzeria where people hang out at the day time. This place is one of the best cafes in the city – families come there to have fun, relax, and enjoy delicious food. There is also a special feature there – animatronics.

Robotic animals, cheerful and funny, play with children, dance, sing karaoke, and have fun. There is the main animatronic here called Freddy. He is a large and soft bear in a hat and with an elegant tie. All the other animatronics are his friends and helpers. There are foxes, chickens, rabbits, dogs, and other animals here. They are nice at the day time, but everything changes when the sun goes down. When the darkness falls, adorable animals turn into killers.

Survive at all costs

All FNaF games are centered around one idea – you are sitting in an empty room all alone and trying to defend yourself from the invasion of killing animatronics. The room has a number of entrances and the robots will surely use them to enter and scare you to death. The problem is that you cannot lock all the entrances at the same time. There are doors, windows, ventilation stacks, and other ways to get into the room and be sure that they are aware about every hole here. Luckily, as a watchman, you have monitors and can watch the animatronics moving around the building. This way, you can predict their appearance and try to close the entrances they are most likely to use. Be very careful and attentive! You have five nights and you need to keep yourself alive till the very end.

The mysterious plot of the series

We have gathered all the existing parts of FNaF at this website, so you can freely enjoy them all! Gradually, you will start noticing that the parts of the game support a narration that is not that easy to crack. Sometimes, animatronics are telling pretty strange phrases that make you suggest that the main character has a pretty dark and sinful past. He is here for a reason, but you don’t know what is that. Most fans suggest that you play for a guy who committed serious crimes in the past and maybe he has killed children, so the animatronics are possessed with their souls and now they are here to punish. Having this thought in mind, you will find their actions and talks more reasonable, while the game – even creepier! Enjoy the thrilling games right on our site and try to survive till the sun rises!

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