FNAF 2020

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3.8 stars

The time has come to meet the animatronics once again! Did you miss them? They are back, ready to immerse you into the worst fears and horrors you can imagine. The pressing atmosphere of the game stays the same and it is really awesome. You sit in a quiet room, expecting the monsters to enter. You cannot block the entrances all at a time – everything you can do is to close them for a short period. This means that you need to choose the riskiest doors and keep them closed right before the creatures appear. Gladly, you can watch them moving around the building using the system of navigation. The pizzeria is stuffed with cameras and they will help you keep an eye on the enemies.
Be read that the number of monsters attacking at the same time will increase and the game will become harder with every next night. Try to survive this creepy adventure and leave the pizzeria unharmed. This won’t be easy – Freddy and his friends know how to creep people. Still, you know how to deal with monsters as well, so be smart and strategic to stay alive if you can!

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